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Marg will listen to your story and help you identify your concerns, needs and interests and allow you to consider and compare the different options with regards to property division, child and spousal support.

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Mediation is an effective tool to address workplace conflict.

The Mediation Process utilizes a formally approved and established process to promote improved communication. The Mediation Process involves specific steps outlined in a strategic manner to approach the sources of conflict and methodically address those specific issues.

Clients will meet with the Mediator, a third party, in an informal setting. The Mediator will be trained in Mediation Processes and will conduct the meetings incorporating these processes.  

Mediation is a confidential process. Discussions in Mediation meetings will not be utilized or shared outside of those meetings.

The confidentiality of the Mediation Process allows the clients to fully disclose and share their views, opinions and options to resolve the conflict.

Mediation facilitates the conversation in a manner that allows the clients to share their interests and needs that may not have been shared or acknowledged between the clients. Acknowledgement of these needs and interests will lead to better understanding of each other’s perspectives. This allows the clients to see the other client’s reason for the way they have acted or reacted to certain events.

A better understanding of each other is the key to improved future relationships. This is the fundamental advantage of Mediation. Improved communication, openness and understanding will allow the clients on a going forward basis to have a better approach to challenges in the workplace.

Marg will utilize the Mediation Process to allow clients to address and resolve workplace conflict in a timely and least adversarial manner.


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