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Marg will listen to your story and help you identify your concerns, needs and interests and allow you to consider and compare the different options with regards to property division, child and spousal support.

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Mediation is the heart of Marg’s vision. Marg’s passion and goal is to promote the merits of Mediation. Mediation allows clients to discuss their issues and reach their own decisions in a more amiable manner. This promotes long term successful more positive relationships.

Marg has extensive training in Mediation. She is well prepared to guide clients to resolution of conflict.

Mediation is well researched and is recognized world wide as a successful process for addressing conflict. Mediation involves an established process that encourages clients to meet to discuss their issues related to their dispute.

Mediation meetings will focus on the future. Discussions will identify the needs and interests of the clients. Sharing this information will allow the clients to listen to the views of the other client. A greater understanding of each other will promote positive relationships going forward.

Through mediation the clients are empowered to reach their own decisions. Mediation allows the clients to discuss their views determine their agreements which will work best for their unique situation.

Mediation is a voluntary process. This enhances the ability for the clients to be open to share information with the mutual goal of reaching an Agreement to address atheir needs.

Mediation is a confidential process. Any discussions that occur in mediation are kept confidential. Confidentiality of the Mediation Process will promote more openness and ability to explore all potential options. This information will not be used in any legal proceedings. There are rare exceptions to this where there is abuse or potential for harm.

Mediation allows the opportunity for full discussions of needs and interests. Once the needs and interests are identified, the options for resolving the conflict will more readily be identified. The clients will review and assess the options, and then determine the provisions that they need to be included in their Agreement. In this way, the Agreement most accurately reflects the needs of the clients.

The clients have total decision making power to create their own Agreements. Since the Agreement reflects the decisions of the clients, it will be followed and be more successful long term. Decisions reached in court processes, are decisions determined by Judges. Judges will make their own decisions based on their own assessments. The decisions of Judges may not be preferred by either client.

Once the details of the dispute have been addressed and an Agreement is produced, the Agreement will be reviewed by independent legal counsel. The Agreement that meets all legal requirements, can then be submitted to a Judge.

Mediation is less costly. Since the details of the issues can be addressed in Mediation, and Agreements obtained, this results in less time with lawyers. Mediation hourly costs are a fraction of hourly rates for lawyers.

Mediation is a cost effective, more timely process that produces more successful long term Agreements that will meet the needs of clients.


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