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Marg will listen to your story and help you identify your concerns, needs and interests and allow you to consider and compare the different options with regards to property division, child and spousal support.

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Conflict Resolution Presentations by Future Focus Mediation & Consulting 


Marg is an experienced Facilitator. She has produced and presented numerous sessions. The presentations have spanned from one hour to one week in length. The subject of these presentations include; Occupational Health & Safety, Pensions, Workplace Benefits, Mental Health, Disability Management, Duty To Accommodate. 

This facilitation experience provides the foundation for a professional, well prepared and executed presentation. 

Marg has produced and presented at numerous conferences to small and large audiences. 

Marg’s extensive experience in addressing labour relations matters including conflict resolution will meet your needs in presentations to address the conflict matters that you are experiencing. 

Marg will address your needs to produce presentations to address Conflict matters.


For further info about our Conflict Resolution service, contact us.

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