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Marg will listen to your story and help you identify your concerns, needs and interests and allow you to consider and compare the different options with regards to property division, child and spousal support.

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Mediation focuses on futures. The Mediation Process involves meetings to discuss the issues in dispute. The clients meet with the Mediator to sort out the details of their conflict.

The Mediation Process does not dwell on the past. The Mediation Process does not focus on what caused the conflict. Mediation focuses on identifying the needs and interests of the clients and how these can be used to reach agreements for better futures.

The Mediation Process is a well researched and widely recognized as a successful manner to resolve conflict. The Mediator will guide the discussions and open conversations between the clients. In this way, they can each gain an understanding of previous actions. This mutual understanding will allow the clients to address those views in agreements. These agreements will reflect the needs and interests of the clients. As a result, the clients will more readily adhere to the agreements in the future.

The Mediator is a neutral. The Mediator is not biased. The Mediator guides the clients to assess, analyze and reach agreement on what will work best for their unique needs. The Mediator will not allow time to be spent on any assignments of blame or causes of conflict. The job of the Mediator is to utilize the Mediation Process to allow the clients to reach agreements that will best meet their future needs.

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